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Anne Frank National Essay Contest

Deadline: currently closed. Next deadline will be Oct 20, 2018

The Anne Frank Center USA seeks submissions from middle school students (grades 5-8) for its National Essay Contest. Submissions are due on Monday, October 20 the National Day of Writing annually.

Anne Frank was just 13 when her family went into hiding in the Secret Annex to avoid capture by the Nazis. The experience took away nearly everything – from friends to fresh air – but her curiosity and optimism remained, as evidenced in her now famous diary. During the two years she spent in hiding, she used writing to reflect on the turmoil of the world around her, stressing the need not only for tolerance and peace, but for individuals brave enough to work toward these things. “How wonderful it is,” she observed in March 1944, “that no one has to wait, but can start right now to gradually change the world!”

The Center believes, as Anne did, that children matter and can make a positive difference. In honor of Anne and the National Day on Writing, we are sponsoring an essay contest to inspire young people to think about the consequences of intolerance, racism, and discrimination, as well as ways the next generation can build a world based on mutual respect.

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