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Doodle 4 Google Scholarship

Deadline: Currently closed last deadline was open from September 14th, 2016 09:00am Pacific Time (PT) and closed December 2nd, 2016, 8:00pm Pacific Time (PT).

Kids have all kinds of things that make them unique, so they can use all kinds of materials to create their doodles, from crayons, to clay, to graphic design, even food and video games.

Students in grades K-12 are invited to take part in the Doodle 4 Google contest. Like all Google Doodles, each doodle must incorporate the letters G-o-o-g-l-e. One national winner will also receive a $30,000 college scholarship.

Students can work with any materials they want, but all doodles must be entered using the entry form. Parents and teachers can mail us the completed entry form or submit it online as a .png, or .jpg

Download or print the entry form.

Doodle: Have artists create their doodles using any materials they want.


Have artists write a 50-word statement describing their doodle, their message behind the artwork, or their artistic process.

Fill out the rest of the required information and sign the entry form.


If the doodle wasn't created directly on the entry form, take a digital photo or scan of the doodle and combine it with the entry form.

If you're submitting a digital entry, save the completed entry form as a .png, or .jpg.


Doodles will be judged on the following criteria

Artistic merit: based on artistic skill

Creativity: representation of the contest theme, use of the letters in the Google logo, and the unique approach to the doodle

Theme communication: how well the contest theme is expressed in both the artwork and the written statement

Doodles will be grouped and judged by the following grade groups:

Grades K-3

Grades 4-5

Grades 6-7

Grades 8-9

Grades 10-12

Finalists will be judged on a state-by-state basis as described below.

State and Territory Winners: 10 or more winners for each grade group, 53 in total

National Finalists: 1 finalist for each grade group, 5 in total

National Winner: featured on the Google homepage

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